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May 20, 2002
Booneville to Berea

Today's Miles = 61.8
Average Speed = 9.1 mph
Maximum Speed = 34.8 mph
Total Miles = 812.6

When I was planning this voyage I consulted with a weather history databases to get an idea what sort of temperatures I should expect along the way. Since I am traveling mostly in the summer, I am rarely expecting evening temperatures below 40 and I selected much of my gear with those temperatures in mind.

That said, last night was cold. According to the weather reports, I'm passing through "near record low" conditions, and the temperatures have been dropping into the low 30's. Since my trip started pretty warm I've already mailed some of my cold weather clothes home to save weight. As a result, it was pretty tough to get settled in and warm all over. Wrapping my sweater around the footbox of my sleeping bag was the final trick that let me drift off.

I've been warned over and over about how bad the dogs of Kentucky were supposed to be, but haven't really had any troubles yet. I think that somehow the Canine Alert Network realized that they had let one slip by and sent out a search party to find me. A little after midnight I awoke with one dog on each side of my tent, barking at me incessantly from six feet away. My first thought was that if I ignored them they would loose interest, but they seemed intent on doing their best to scare this large strange lump out of their territory. Once they finally heard me stirring inside my tent they started to back off and by the time I had my flashlight in hand and my tent unzipped they had wandered over the next hill, barking all the way.

I planned a ride of over 60 miles today to help make up for the light day I had taken on the eighteenth. The terrain is rolling, with a few noticeable climbs, but things are definitely smoothing out now. To be honest, much of the day passed without me explicitly noticing my surroundings as I spent a lot of the day with my mind wandering. Around 7:00 in the evening I made it to Berea where I will be spending the night. According to my maps I've officially finished the Appalachians and will soon be entering the Little Ozarks.

Because the evening was expected to be in the low 30's again I opted to find a motel. I've been spending more nights in motels than I anticipated and I want to keep my budget under control, so I looked around for the cheapest lodging I could find. I ended up in a dive where I found a room without heat and graffiti on the interior walls. But the bed has three blankets and the shower has hot water, so I'll keep warm tonight.


When it's cold and you can't sleep, try and imagine how warm, comfortable and dry it'll be when you pass through Kansas (and all of those gorgeous sunflower fields). And remember that Kansas is pretty mild compared to the heat of the Snake River Canyon (in July). You'll like it there, Nevada-man.


Posted by: Lynn on May 21, 2002 12:02 PM

My husband and I were forced by an ice storm to spend a night in Berea, and it was the nastiest motel either of us had ever seen. Highlights included a tiny, 60's vintage heater (remember, we're there because of a winter storm), a sticky bathroom floor, and a hole punched into the drywall.

I found your site from your post to the touring list, and I'm really enjoying it. Happy travels.

Posted by: Melinda on May 22, 2002 10:39 AM

I an cheering for you. My son and I are leaving on a tour from Muscatine, Iowa to Bar Harbor, Maine in August. I hope I will be able to put a nice web page together before then. Any tips? Happy and safe travel to you...don

Posted by: Don on May 22, 2002 05:37 PM

Congratulations! You've conquered the toughest climbing of the entire trip. Really! From Berea to MO is mostly rolling hills with just a few big ones. From Ellington to Alley Spring, MO is the only other seriously hard climbing day. Everything in the rockies is gradual, and a piece of cake by comparison to eastern Kentucky.

Dan Phillips
leader, ACA TransAm TAE524, '92

Posted by: Dan on May 23, 2002 06:36 PM

Nick, what a adventure, spokes, tires, dogs, and cold weather. We have just gotten over a cold spell. Today was warmer, in the 70's. Tomorrow is supposed to be near 90. I have heard from Ed Gibbs a couple of times. You surely made an impression on him. He is interested in how you are doing and the progress you are making. I suppose he has your website, he didn't say. Just keep on peddling. You will make it. Blessings...

Posted by: Manning Harrell on May 23, 2002 07:44 PM

Nick, I'm enjoying your trip very much. I'm impressed at how friendly americans can still be.

The limiting factor to exercise in a healthy person is cardiac output. There is more lung than heart reserve. You will really be buff when you finish this trip......unlessyou eat too much fried food, taters & gravy and lemon cake.
Take care. Ron

Posted by: ron burnam on May 25, 2002 09:54 PM
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