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May 19, 2002
Hazard to Booneville

Today's Miles = 46.4
Average Speed = 10.0 mph
Maximum Speed = 38.4 mph
Total Miles = 750.9

Last night ended up being unseasonably cold, with the temperature dropping as low as 30 degrees. Locals were rushing to cover their vegetables, and I was happy to be sleeping indoors for the night. In the morning I was greeted with a heavy fog, which was all the enticement I required to spend most of the morning in my room tending to what catching up I still needed to do.

By the time I checked out most of the fog had burned off, and after having a filling breakfast I set out on this still chilly morning to see how far the road would take me. Kentucky continued to apologize for her initial showing by putting on her pretty face for me. I rode over lush rolling hills, past grazing horses and cattle, and the only dogs that chased me all had their tails wagging.

I rode as far as Buckhorn Lake and considered stopping there for the day. Although the campground was enticing I still felt it was too early to stop, so after taking a few photos I kept heading west.

One thing I'm finding amusing about the small towns I ride through is the odd combinations of things that people put together and call a business. It seems as though the owners simply offer anything they think is interesting, without considering whether there is any coherent theme to their store. One store I passed advertised video rentals, tanning beds, and carpeting. Another sold groceries, auto parts, and tombstones. I suppose there may be a logic behind these places, but for now it escapes me.

My day wound up in the small town of Booneville. I'm still surprised by how inexpensive dining seems in small towns, and this town was no exception. I had a supper of fried fish, mashed potatoes, green beans, and bread rolls which was followed by a dessert of lemon cake and vanilla ice cream. My total bill was under $7.50, which seemed like a pittance to fill my belly for the night. After dinner I rode a short way down the road and set up camp behind the Booneville Presbyterian Church. The church was unattended, but a sign and a pavilion in the rear welcomed passing cyclists to stay for the night.

I fortunately didn't experience any broken spokes today. I made a point of stopping before my first descent for the day and checking the tension of all the spokes in my rear wheel, tightening those few that seemed loose. I know I will have to replace it sooner or later, but the longer I can put it off the more choices I will have as far as bike stores go.

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