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May 11, 2002
Radford to Wytheville

Today's Miles = 46.0
Average Speed = 9.2 mph
Maximum Speed = 37.0 mph
Total Miles = 465.7

After I woke up this morning I spent a couple hours taking care of my "other life" responsibilities such as paying bills and doing some online banking. For awhile I forgot where I was and what I am doing, and when I pulled my head away from my paperwork it was pleasant to have it all come back to me.

Today's ride was pretty uneventful. The hills, although still frequent, seem less intimidating as the miles roll by. Because I got a late start to the day I was somewhat pushing making it to Wytheville by sundown, but I did have enough time to stop and "smell the flowers" along the way. In the middle of a long uphill climb I saw a large shade tree next to a church and decided to stop and rest for a few minutes. When I was refreshed I met an old woman who was checking here mail, and we talked for a bit about all the cyclists that she has seen ride by over the years. We talked about the corn that grows across the street from her, and we talked about the hills ahead.

Although there is camping available near Wytheville, I opted to find a motel room. I want to spend another evening with all my belongings spread out on the floor so that I can try to find opportunities to get weight off my bike. There is a Post Office and a Wal-Mart nearby my motel, so I can ship and shop first thing in the morning.


Hey Nick,
Your updates, pics etc. are the best 'reality series' going. Increadibly interesting and addictive. I know it must be a pain to give these updates at times, but they're much appreciated.
For no other reason but curiousity have you any clue how far you've got till the Mississippi?
As they say in the Netherlands: 'Success'!
(Well they probably say a lot more these days, but I won't go there)

Posted by: Tom on May 12, 2002 10:52 PM
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