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July 21, 2002
Darby to Hamilton

Today's Miles = 19.7
Average Speed = 10.5 mph
Maximum Speed = 27.3 mph
Total Miles = 3624.7

This was one of those days when nothing seemed right about being on the road. I'd been pushing for several days to get to Missoula, but now I'd decided to skip going there altogether. My body couldn't seem to muster the energy to power my legs, and I struggled to reach the speeds I've been accustomed to. As the day warmed up into the high 70's, I felt as though it was in the low 100's. Everything about being on the road today felt like a struggle.

I decided to make this an off day. I went ahead and rode the twenty miles to the next town, where I checked into the cheapest motel in town with a gallon of ice cream and vegged in the luxury of air conditioning all day long.

Better luck tomorrow.


Nick, now that sounds like a good day to me....

Posted by: bob thomas on July 25, 2002 08:57 PM
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