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June 21, 2002
Breckenridge to Kremmling

Today's Miles = 59.3
Average Speed = 13.8 mph
Maximum Speed = 34.5 mph
Total Miles = 2592.1

After spending the morning doing laundry and tuning my bike, I rode out of town on a bike path that connects a string of Colorado mountain towns. From Breckenridge, through Frisco, Dillon, and Silverthorne, it was like I was riding through a motion picture stereotype of life in the Rocky Mountains.

Along the way on the path John, a cyclist who was having mechanical problems, waved me down. We walked our biked and talked for a bit and it turned out he had ridden cross-country back in 1986. John asked me a question that I've been hearing more and more.

"What's your favorite part of the ride so far?" It sounds like a simple question, but one I struggle to find an answer to every time. The greatest thing about what I'm doing is the experience in totality, and trying to think of a favorite part seems like asking someone who has just walked through the woods what their favorite tree was. I certainly value the time to think and reflect, and seeing the country at a bicycle's pace has been tremendous, but I really don't see how I can point at any individual experiences and say that they were the best so far.

As I rode towards Kremmling I was somewhat between a proverbial rock and a hard place. Stopping in Kremmling would mean quitting after a relatively short and easy ride, but riding any further meant committing to an additional 60 miles with no food, water, camping or lodging along the way. I had pretty much settled on the idea of just riding until sunset forced me to guerilla camp, but as I passed through Kremmling I spotted a family of cyclists and stopped to meet them and chat.

Gil, Peggy, Eric, and Aunders are a family of four who started riding in Plymouth Rock and have merged with the TransAm trail. The thing that gets them most noticed is that they ride a single bicycle with four seats, so that the entire family can be together while they are on the road.

After talking for awhile I joined the four of them for dinner in a local restaurant, and when we were done it was close enough to sunset that I didn't see the point in riding any further for the evening. They had pitched their tent at the Red Mountain RV Park in town, and I decided to do the same. The nice folks there gave me access to power and a phone line for the night, so I was able to update my web page before hitting the sack.


Hi Nick,
I'm enjoying following your progress. It is neat that you ran into the family on the Quad. My son and I were out on our tandem back in April and met this family in Walkersville, MD. They were only three weeks into their trip. It is cool to hear they are still at it and doing well. Cheers

Posted by: John Gorham on June 26, 2002 08:54 AM
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