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June 07, 2002

Simply put, I never left town today.

My setup in Marshfield was pretty sweet with a nice shady pavilion to pitch my tent in, a hot running shower, a free place to plug my power cord, and good cell phone coverage. After I arose I spent the whole morning getting caught up on email and then started thinking about how I should spend my afternoon.

There were a few "real world" chores that have been chasing after me for awhile. I needed to make phone calls to my insurance company, cell phone provider, and one of my credit cards. Since today was Friday it was my last chance to take care of this business before the weekend and I decided I didn't want to slip it all until next week. The more I thought about it, the more it made sense to simply skip riding today and take care of as much business as I could.

Since I stayed in town for an extra night I got to watch some of the Indian Pow-Wow being held in the park before retiring. I noticed that there seemed to be a big gap in the ages of the participants, with plenty of dancers over forty and a good number of dancers under fifteen, but there didn't seem to be any young adults participating. Despite this it was a nice treat to watch and listen to the music. In an odd way the Indian ceremonies reminded me of the Southern homage to the Civil War, as both are attempts to continue to remember with honor a failed or forgotten way of life.

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