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June 06, 2002
Houston to Marshfield

Today's Miles = 70.2
Average Speed = 10.7 mph
Maximum Speed = 43.5 mph
Total Miles = 1583.7

With my bike repaired and my body rested I lingered in my motel room as late as I could before checking out to take care of my in-town errands. I had to ship my old wheel back to Colorado, and that meant once again transporting a spare boxed wheel on my bike. When I picked up my new wheel yesterday the box was so large it seemed at first to be an impossible problem. But by letting my flagpole skewer the box, moving some of my gear to the front, and opening up the spare bungee cord I had brought I was able to get the package precariously perched on my rear rack. All I need is a couple more cardboard boxes and I'll start looking frighteningly like one of those homeless bicycle guys.

There really isn't much to say about the ride to Marshfield. Nothing on my bike broke, no cars tried to run me off the road, and I didn't meet anyone new. The terrain had opened up to become mostly hayfields on gently rolling hills. The scenery was beautiful and I started thinking about how other than the few places where litter and trash had marred the landscape, everything I've ridden through so far was beautiful.

It seems like in all the travels I've done in my life, from Europe to Mexico, from the mountains to the oceans, from the deserts to the forests, that I've never come across a piece of natural scenery that didn't have a beauty to it. There is something about the world we live in, or at least in the way I see it, that can always be appreciated in the natural order. It is only when Man strips the land, or scars it, or discards his trash upon it, that this beauty is diminished.

Just outside of Marshfield I crossed paths with David Clark again. Although we aren't riding together we are moving at roughly the same pace and hitting the same stops. David was leaning towards finding a motel in town for the evening, while I opted for the city park. The park was pretty crowded when I arrived, with the local Girl Scouts having a talent show and tents and trailers sprouting up for an Indian Pow-Wow this weekend. The park superintendent pointed me to a quiet corner behind a pavilion where I found I had a power outlet and good cell coverage that enabled me to finally catch up on my email.


Congrats on the 1500 miles, Nick!

I love looking at all of your pictures and reading about the people you've met. It's a pretty nice world out there, all in all.

All the stuff and most of the plants are doing well. Some are even coming back from the dead! The only danger is that I may become *too* attached to all of your stuff. Ha!

Cheers back at ya,

Posted by: Heather on June 7, 2002 11:35 AM


Thanks for the update. I'm sorry I gave you such a hard time for carrying so much weight. I must admit that I did not envision how you would use all that equipment. You have done a great job of giving all of us a flavor of life on the road. Good luck on the new wheel and the rest of the journey.


Posted by: Erin Handgen on June 7, 2002 01:30 PM

Hello.. and welcome to Kansas (almost)!
Lehman H. told me you were headed this way - and I'm hoping to catch a glimpse of you, at least. I had hoped to be doing some resupply and TLC for Lehman on this same route this year but it was not to be. He recommends you as a worthy substitute! I love your site and will watch your progress. If you want to try to arrange a rendezvous with a nun (!) I'm game.
Lehman and I are camping and climbing buddies from way back (70's and 80's). That's the only character ref I can come up with today. I live and work in Wichita and will be here all of June except for June 21-24. Hoping to hear from you. Sister Joann Stuever, Adorer of the Blood of Christ.

Posted by: Sister Joann on June 7, 2002 01:54 PM

I envy you. I bet you hope this trip never ends!
My 9 yr-old son and I are planning to do LA to JAX next Spring on a Bilenky ViewPoint tandem. I've been planning it for over a year and dream about it EVERY DAY.
Where did you learn how to build such a cool web site? Very professional!
How many spokes on your rear wheel?

Posted by: Dave on June 7, 2002 05:50 PM

I just recently heard about your trip from "long, tall" John. I've just spent all of Friday evening still at work because I've been unable to pry myself away from my computer once I started reading your journal!

And to think when we first went to Moab you didn't enjoy it because the rides were too long. This is quite an adventure you're undertaking.

I know it's not on your official route, but if you do find yourself in Roseville during or after, Shayna and I have a room open for you.

Posted by: Anthony on June 7, 2002 08:19 PM

Great site. Your journey looks superb. Live the dream.
cheers, Iain

Posted by: iain on June 8, 2002 02:56 PM
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